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Fisheries Observer training

The effectiveness of the Observer Programs is dependent on proper observer training where fisheries sectors of involvement are highlighted and considered.

Our trainers have a vast understanding of the fisheries management protocols required for the South African Fisheries controlling division (DAFF) as well as RFMOs protocol including IOTC, ICCAT, and CCAMLR. All the RFMOs are seeking ways of syncing the data collection strategies which include the observer data collection, this will mean that we are capable of training fisheries observers across the globe.

Our trainers have more than 40 years of combined experience across all the observer training protocol. Our training experience includes the FAO observer training projects, CCAMLR, IOTC, ICCAT and CCSBT observer training projects. These trainers have conducted similar training in countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Islands.

Another vital part of the training programme is the training of the members that will be in control of the management of the observer programme.

Imvelo Blue environment Consultancy is involved in an ongoing IOTC ROS observer training taking place in six countries in the Indian Ocean Region.