South African Large Pelagic longline (Tuna)

Imvelo blue environment consultancy is currently the most preferred large pelagic observer supplier in South Africa since our involvement in this sector in July 2019.  We are responsible for the collection of the National data to fulfill the country's obligation to the tuna RFMOs i.e. IOTC, CCSBT and ICCAT. 

Our 2020 Large pelagic deployments were on the following vessels:

1. MFV Ubuntu

2. MFV Active

3. MFV Atu-s

4. MFV Seawin Diamond

5. MFV Seawin Emerald 

6. MFV Admiraal de Ruiter

7. MFV Santa Cruz

8. MFV Seawin Sapphire

9. MFV Seawin Ruby

10 MFV Saxon


All of our observers are IOTC approved!