With the seed funding from the "Agreement for the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels" (ACAP), we are involved in an Imvelo BSL deviCe project with Birdlife South Africa. The funding was aimed at assisting with further development of the device and improving its capabilities.

With the collaborative efforts from Dr. Nelson Miranda of Argonaut science we managed to improve the devices to be in line with the project specifications.  The second phase of the project included the data collection phase where some of the funds were directed on sending observers to various fishing vessels to monitor the deployment of the device, observe and advise on the improvement of it to be a better aid in future observer deployments.  With some assistance from Mr. Reason Nyengera of Birdlife South Africa, we managed to deploy observers with the device around the South African Coast between Saldanha Bay and Durban. 


We are proud to announce that we have commenced the third phase of the project with data analysis and the preliminary results paint a picture of success. The final report will bear the challenges and improvements during this project.


The following vessels are acknowledged for voluntarily availing themselves for trials:

MFV Ubuntu -                     Large Pelagic Longline  (AX fishing)

MFV Seawin Diamond -       Large Pelagic Longline (African Tuna Traders)

MFV Seawin Emerald -        Large Pelagic Longline (African Tuna Traders)

MFV Admiraal de Ruiter -     Large Pelagic Longline (African Tuna Traders)

MFV Santa Cruz -              Large Pelagic Longline (Sijubilye Fishing)

MFV Harvest Saldanha -      Demersal Trawl (Sea Harvest)

MFV Bluebell -                   Demersal Trawl (I&J)

MFV Dontago -                  Demersal Trawl (Kalmia trading) 

MFV El Shaddai -               Toothfish demersal longline (Braxton fishing)