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Local deployments  

International deployments  

Imvelo Blue Environment Consultancy is responsible for 50% of the South African Patagonian Toothfish fleet. These vessels are registered and licence in South Africa to fish with the EEZ of the South African Islands, Prince Edward and Marion Islands, targeting Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus Eliginoides)  using demersal longline gear.

Our observers are responsible for the collection of the CCAMLR standard data. 

For 2019/20 season our company is responsible for over 200 seadays on this sector. 

The company has multiple MoUs with foreign companies fishing within the CCAMLR convention area. In 2019 the same year the company was formed we successfully deployed a ROSS sea observer in accordance with SISO CCAMLR observer scheme. In 2020, despite the COVID 19 distractions in travelling, we are have confirmed deployments in Korea and Chile to honour the MoUs and continue to export the best South African skills. We are driven to display the best data and reports, thanks to our dedicated team of Scientific observers.