If Blue Economy is your Agenda,

then Think

"Blue Environment"

Imvelo Blue environment consultancy is 100% black-owned fisheries monitoring and consultancy firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. We promote sustainable fishing practices for the long-term vision of environmentally healthy oceans. We support the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management while acknowledging the harvest management approach systems that incorporates robust fisheries management that considers all marine living resources.


We specialize in observer programs (marine scientific data collection), from the development until the implementation. In the process of the development of observer programs we train, not only the seagoing personnel, but we incorporate the office bound managers, which include the government officials responsible for reporting to the RFMOs.


Our personnel is highly experienced in environmental monitoring, including during the seismic operations. The monitoring incorporates the supply of the Marine Mammal Observers(MMO), Passive Acoustic Monitors (PAM) and the Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO). Our good relationship with the fishing companies as well as the fisheries department places our company at the better level of coordinating any activities within the fishing fraternity in South Africa and within the region.

"To provide for the conservation of the marine ecosystem and the long-term sustainability of our marine living resources" (Marine living resources act, 1998).

"The promotion, regulation and monitoring of responsible fishing practices, through robust fisheries management and governance frameworks, are essential for the sustainability of fisheries resources in both coastal areas and high seas." (FAO)

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